What dermatologists say about sleeping on a silk pillowcase

What dermatologists say about sleeping on a silk pillowcase

Sleep IN Beauty silk pillowcases are approved by dermatologists worldwide. The benefit of silk is completely underrated and often forgotten about.
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SleepINBeuty_silk pillowcase beauty secret is one which i want to share with women everywhere. What are the actual benefits of simply switching out your normal pillowcase to GENUINE 100% silk...?

1. Hydration

#Silk is much less absorbent that traditional cotton, polyester or satin pillowcases. What does it mean? Whilst your asleep the silk material will draw less moisture from your skin surface. This will keep your face feeling fresh smooth and flake free. Another positive is that your night time expensive serums and moisturizes will actually stay on your face and not in your pillowcase.

Jennifer Peterson, MD, a dermatologist in the US states that sleeping on a silk pillowcase will also improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This is because the benefits of a more hydrated face at night will keep your skin cells fuller and plumper. This will also lead to less deep lines and wrinkles, which nicely takes us to the next benefit....

2. Seep lines and wrinkles

The naturally smooth properties of silk will rub and cause much less friction that your traditional pillowcase. This will lead reduce those annoying sleep lines in the morning! Those sleep lines can eventually lead to deep lines and wrinkles in the long term.

Dehydrated skin in the morning can be caused by your pillowcase absorbing moisture from your skin

3. Hypoallergenic and sensitive skin

Silk is proven to absorb much less allergens than traditional silk pillowcases. These allergens include dust mites, air pollen and mold! This is the perfect accompaniment for your night time routine if you are sensitive to allergens. A fresher allergen free pillowcase will also benefit you if you have acne prone skin.



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