Sleep IN Beauty silk was born in Cheshire, England.

We have always known about the amazing benefits that sleeping on a silk pillowcase can give your hair and skin. However, finding the best silk on the market has been extremely challenging. There are so many different grades of silk in which claim to be '100%' however they are woven with satin/ cotton material which does not give the same level of TLC to your skin and hair. So we took it upon ourselves to sample the best Mulberry silk on the market until Sleep IN Beauty Silk was established. Sleep IN Beauty uses the most optimal weighted silk (22 momme) and grade 6A mulberry silk to make our pillowcases stand out from the crowd. 

Sleep IN Beauty is now also established in Dubai, UAE which means we can reach more of you amazing people quicker.

Our philosophy is simple. We spend almost 33% of our lives asleep, lets do it right.