Cotton sucks, literally. 

Sleep in Beauty silk will not draw moisture from your skin unlike a cotton pillowcase. This will keep your skin feeling well hydrated and and younger for longer.



Our silk will draw less moisture from your skin compared to cotton. Our silk will also press gently on your skin at night which will avoid sleep lines which can develop into wrinkles.


Anti frizz & Anti bed head 

Our silk will glide against your hair nourishing it from the cuticle down.



Unlike cotton, our silk does not hold moisture so it will not harbour as many allergens and dust mites, great for those of us who have sensitive allergies.



 Sleep In Beauty silk will cool down your skin whilst you sleep, so you don't feel too hot and bothered at night.


Gentle on acne prone skin 

Its cooling and naturally smooth properties do not irritate sensitive skin, which can contribute to the development of acne or pimples. Our mulberry silk is also proven to offer 40% less friction compared to standard cotton.


We spend almost 33% of our lives asleep, so lets make sure we do it right.