Sleep In Beauty was created by Nassima Mokri in 2019, and remains a proudly owned female independent UK business. Sleep In Beauty's core values are based on the ethos of good quality sleep, healthy skin and beautiful hair simply by implementing one small change to your bedtime routine. 

In 2010 a holiday to Australia opened Nassima's eyes to a beauty secret which needed to be shared across the world. Silk pillowcases are a huge deal in the beauty world over there, it is rare to find anyone who sleeps on cotton!

After swapping her own pillowcase for a silk pillowcase, the results were an instant game changer. Her skin was instantly smoother, brighter and abolished all signs of sleep lines.

This got her thinking… what can can she do to bring the silk secret back home? 

After months of purchasing inadequate silk materials from online retailers she decided to go direct to the source and find the best quality silk available to create her own silk pillowcase. This led to the birth of SIB, Sleep In Beauty silk which now offers a range of high quality silk pillowcases and other silk accessories giving you those amazing benefits for your skin and hair.


SIB Silk are proud to be stocked by retailers in the UK and Dubai.