It’s getting hot in here so sleep on Silk!

It’s getting hot in here so sleep on Silk!

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Silk Pillowcase Benefits in the Heat

Mhairi Goodfellow

Summer is here and no matter where you are in the world the heat can affect you in so many ways. Let’s talk about how Sleep IN Beauty Silk pillowcases can help you through those hot and sweaty nights.

We’ve all experienced the under 18’s holiday abroad where you don’t want to pay extra for the AC and then seriously regret it on your first night even if you have been downing enough cheap cocktails and shots to knock out an elephant. I think we can all agree, sleeping in the heat is not enjoyable, restless sleep, sticky PJs and not the mention the waterfall that’s appeared in your cleavage. 

Now thankfully, that we’re all respectable *cough, cough* women, we realise the effect heat has on our sleep, skin, hair and lets be honest, any excuse for a bit of luxury. Our bedrooms either have the central heating or AC blasting while we sleep, depending on what country we are in. For me it’s AC as I’m in Dubai where it’s unbearable to sleep without AC, I’m one of those people who need it cold in the room, snug as a bug in my duvet but stick a toe out to feel the benefits. Anyway, enough about my bedroom habits…


Our Sleep IN Beauty Silk will keep you cool and take care of your hair and skin on those hot nights. Unlike cotton, our 100% Mulberry Silks unique fibres absorb your body heat directly allowing you to sleep soundly. On the other hand, it also retains heat in cooler weather but that’s a whole other blog.

Whether you’ve been out walking/sleeping in the heat or just living your best life at Zero Gravity Beach Club for too long, your skin loses a lot of moisture, may appear dry, red or itchy. Queue the lathering of moisturising lotions and potions that you’ve spent a fortune on but aren’t too sure if they work, well… using a silk pillowcase in Dubai or anywhere is amazing as it does not suck the moisture from your skin like cotton (overnight facial I hear you say) resulting in less of those nasty sleep creases you wake up with and can’t get rid of no matter how much concealer you use! We could go on about the beauty benefits silk has on the skin but I’ll leave you to check out Benefits of Silk to find out more.

Now let’s talk about hair in the heat, you're picturing Monica’s hair episode right? We’ve all had those days where it’s a top knot or you can’t leave the house. We expose our hair to so much heat these days; blow-drying, straightening, curling, sunbathing, humidity, all causing damage to our luscious locks. Silk allows your glorious mane to glide while you sleep nourishing from cuticle down and keeping the moisture where it should be: your hair, causing less frizz, bed head and generally waking you looking like you’ve been pulled through a hedge backwards.


Overall, Sleep IN Beauty Silk Pillowcases are a must-have not only in the heat but all year round. Who doesn’t want their skin, hair and sleep looked after while getting your well-deserved beauty sleep? We spend almost 33% of our lives asleep, so let’s make sure we do it right and by being pampered by luxury silk.

Sleep IN Beauty Silk Pillowcase

100% Mulberry, Silk 22 momme

Sleeping on our silk pillowcase is the best beauty treatment you can give yourself every night.

Wake up with your skin feeling fresh, hydrated and your hair frizz free.

We spend almost 30% of our lives in bed, let's make sure we do it right!

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