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Sleeping on our silk pillowcase is the best beauty treatment you can give yourself every night.

Wake up with your skin feeling fresh, hydrated and your hair frizz free.

We spend almost 30% of our lives in bed, lets make sure we do it right!

Meet our silk ambassadors

Dr Yalda Jamali MBChB Cosmetic & Medical Doctor

Dr Jamali is passionate about all things which concern the health and look of your skin. "I would always recommend sleeping on this silk pillowcase especially for those of us with sensitive and acne prone skin". @Dr.yalda

Megan Wheatley Hair Stylist & Salon Manager

Megan is salon manager for the amazing reputable YinYang Salon Dubai. "I always tell my customers to use a Sleep IN Beauty silk pillowcase to preserve a bouncy blow dry". @hairbymeganwheatleydubai

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We spend 33% of our lives asleep, lets do it right.

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I have been telling all my clients for 30 years to sleep with a silk pillowcase. This is the best one yet! 

Jessica - Salon Owner

I have been using my silk pillowcase every night now! I am not sure how i managed without it before.


This is the best silk on the market. I have been using it for over a year now and the quality is still amazing!

Dawn - Stylist

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